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What you can do

Automatically receive vacancies and projects based on your experience and preferences

Discover suitable roles based on your skills and competences

Keep up to date with new opportunities, as new jobs and projects are being offered on a daily basis

Create a basic profile without CV in less than 5 minutes

The labour market check

Jobliebe is the new way for job orientation and application process. Thanks to the automated matching, you can see at any time which vacancies fit your profile well. This way you can always be aware of interesting developments in the market, even if you are not actively looking for something new.

Saving you time

Jobliebe is the novel way of exploring and applying for jobs. Thanks to the automated matching, you can see immediately and at any time which vacancies match your profile. So you' re always up to date with the latest interesting developments in the market, even when you're not immediately looking for something new.

Full market coverage

For the first time, the unique vacancy overview gives you a personal overview of the entire market. Because Jobliebe also looks at your skills and competences, you might find results that you hadn't thought of yet!

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