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The intelligent matching platform for both people and work

Do you want to find assignments for your candidates quickly? Or do you have vacancies that are difficult to fill? With Jobliebe's AI platform, organisations are able to reach hidden talents.

Jobliebe launches collaboration with the NBBU


"For NBBU and its members, Jobliebe is the perfect opportunity to make low-threshold use of the advantages of the latest matching techniques. By using Jobliebe, you will gain even more insight into the competencies of your various contract workers and their placement possibilities. It is precisely at this time that 'out-of-the box' placements are needed. Let's get to work!"

Brigitte van der Burg - Chairperson NBBU

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New this


More placements

Vacancies and candidates will be matched anonymously. If you do not have any suitable candidates for your vacancy, you can see which candidates of fellow agents will fit. Together you are able to serve clients more quickly and catch more opportunities.


With Jobliebe Online+ you can see the most suitable vacancies for your candidate from anywhere in the Netherlands with the refined matching on publicly advertised vacancies.

A clear view on the hidden talents of a candidate

On the Jobliebe platform you can easily match your candidates with your vacancies. As a result, recruiters have the opportunity to match across sectors and find more suitable candidates for vacancies. With a data-driven approach and artificial intelligence you can make the best match on complete profiles with attention to skills and competences.

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Account management

Service oriented


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Technology that keeps developing itself

With the help of our AI-driven and self-learning data structure, vacancies and work experiences can be better identified. Jobliebe continuously charts the evolving reality of the labour market. This offers a new perspective on the market, and on your organisation with minimal effort.

Go beyond the limits of other tools

With the state of the art Jobliebe platform technology you can stand out from the crowd. You can benefit from the combination of quality and speed to select the right candidates for the job. This will make you unique.

Where the recruitment solutions of today have reached their limits, we change the game and take it a big step forward.

Use the following unique features:

1. Cross-sector match making

2. Building ecosystems

3. Autonomous matching

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Our drivers for success

With the unique added value of Jobliebe, we guarantee an increase in revenue with the following drivers for success









Pros with Jobliebe at first sight

You can start right away, without complicated system interfaces. We call this Jobliebe at first sight. You will have access to your personal business environment on the platform the very same day.

With Jobliebe at first sight, September and October are all about your company presentation. Our professionals will guide you through the setup of your candidates and vacancies. In this way, we ensure the best matches with higher rates of success!



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