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Vacancies and candidates will be matched anonymously. If you do not have any suitable candidates for your vacancy, you can see which candidates of fellow agents will fit. Together you are able to serve clients more quickly and catch more opportunities.


With Jobliebe Online+ you can see the most suitable vacancies for your candidate from anywhere in the Netherlands with the refined matching on publicly advertised vacancies.

A diversity of
ecosystems at 8vance

With the flexibility of the Talent Mobility Platform, 8vance offers all its solutions for various organisations and ecosystems. This can be a branch organisation, a city or a region, a field of work, or a group of organisations that decide to join forces.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of creating your own ecosystem on 8vance? Or would you like to join an existing network?

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A clear view on the hidden talents of a candidate

On the Jobliebe platform you can easily match your candidates with your vacancies. As a result, recruiters have the opportunity to match across sectors and find more suitable candidates for vacancies. With a data-driven approach and artificial intelligence you can make the best match on complete profiles with attention to skills and competences.

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Account management

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Technology that keeps developing itself

With the help of our AI-driven and self-learning data structure, vacancies and work experiences can be better identified. Jobliebe continuously charts the evolving reality of the labour market. This offers a new perspective on the market, and on your organisation with minimal effort.

Our drivers for success

With the unique added value of Jobliebe, we guarantee an increase in revenue with the following drivers for success











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