Jobradar & Vacancies

How do I find a job?

Based on the information in your profile, all vacancies will be matched with you. You will receive a personalised job offer that matches your interests.

How can I see my personal job offer?

Go to ‘Job market’ in the menu. There you will see your personal overview. If you see no or few results, check the filters and adjust them if necessary for more specific results.


Which vacancies can I see under 'Job market'?

In the Jobliebe 'Job market' you will find all the published vacancies in the whole of the Netherlands plus your personal Jobliebe overview. You can view the vacancies on the jobradar and in a list. 

How does Jobliebe match?

The algorithm can find the jobs that best suit you based on your skills, ambition, experience and education. The algorithm is also trained. For example, by indicating whether or not you find a job interesting, you build your list of favourites, but the system also learns about your preferences. This way, the proposed vacancies are more and more likely to suit you.

What is meant by the match score?

With every job you see a score. The similarity between your profile and the job determines this score. Jobs with a higher score are a better match for your profile. 

How does the job radar work ?

You are at the centre of your job radar. The vacancies around you fit you. The ones closest to you are the ones that best reflect your profile. The ones further away from you may also interest you, but you may lack a skill, specific knowledge or experience for these positions. 

When a job advertiser is interested in you, there will be an asterisk next to the job.

What is the difference between the job radar and the job listing?

Both the job radar and the job list contain the same jobs. Only the display is different.

How current is the vacancy offer?

The job vacancies are updated real time. Every day about 10,000 new vacancies are added through our customers all over the Netherlands

What happens if I click on 'not interested' on a vacancy?

The vacancy disappears from your list of vacancies. It will be marked red on the radar, so you can still find these vacancies there. You also help the system to show you more suitable jobs in the future. No message is sent to the jobholder. 


What happens if I click on 'interested' in a job?

You can then easily find this vacancy in your list of favourites. With this action, no message is sent to the owner of the vacancy. If you want the job holder to know that you are interested in the vacancy, then choose to apply.

How do I apply for a Jobliebe vacancy?

From the 'Job market' section, you can simply click 'Apply'. We ask you to confirm your application, as this action enables the contact person of the vacancy to see that you are interested in the job. You do not need to add a motivation letter, you apply directly with your Jobliebe profile. Once in contact with the job holder, you can explain your motivation.  



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