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About Jobliebe

At Jobliebe you discover the ideal match for vacancies and talents

Jobliebe is an online platform developed by 8vance Matching Technologies. By using our own unique deep matching technology, we can match job seekers on a personal level to all available vacancies in the Netherlands within a minute.


We are not a recruitment agency, but a platform that connects employers and employees with the help of smart technology.


At Jobliebe we are focused on the individual. We believe that everyone is unique and therefore match based on ambitions, skills and competences.

Broad visibility of your profile or vacancy

The talent profiles and vacancies at Jobliebe are very detailed. You can find matches and look for a vacancy or profile that appeals to you.


Having the right work experience is of course important. However, there is a great chance that you will choose a person or company where you can show your strengths, realize your ambitions, and work together pleasantly.


With the latest technology, we ensure broad visibility and recognisability of profiles and vacancies, and in your personal overview you will find detailed vacancies and people that really fit you.

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It starts with your profile and then vacancies find you!

Spending hours scouring different job websites for that one vacancy. With the large number of vacancies on offer these days, that's quite a chore.


Finding the right job is no longer easy. Many companies provide their vacancies with unique and trendy job titles, which makes it difficult to find the right job.


This is why we take a different approach and therefore start with you yourself. We help you in your search by matching your profile with all available jobs in the Netherlands. In this way you will be able to find jobs that match your experience and personality.   

Not actually looking, but nice to have a peek! 

Searching for vacancies can be very difficult, especially if you do not know exactly which professions suit you. Are you a recent graduate or are you ready for a career switch? 


Jobliebe helps you discover which professions and jobs would suit you. Do you indicate your experience, ambitions, skills and competences? We will provide you with an overview of current vacancies. 


The overview helps you to orientate yourself and take the first step towards a new challenge.

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Recruitment and sustainable employment by collaboration

On the Jobliebe platform, you as an employer can easily match your candidates with your vacancies. And search for the best candidates and vacancies in the open labour market.


A data-driven approach and artificial intelligence will allow you to make the best match based on complete profiles, with a focus on skills and competencies.


Create your own business page and grow your network with this innovative data-driven approach.


Together we look for the best match